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A Safer, More Efficient Mud Logging Solution

Unmanned customizable surface and mud logging system

Reservoir Group is revolutionizing mud logging with our innovative iLogger unmanned surface logging system that captures and analyzes data in real time –delivering a complete mud logging and gas monitoring service at the wellsite without personnel.  iLogger is a cost-saving solution that allows flexibility without compromising services or data quality. A completely unmanned system, iLogger enables remote logging capabilities including advanced gas detection services and automated sample collection with real-time sample photos to gain insight into the  formation. Reservoir Group’s iLogger reduces the footprint at the well site and eliminates the daily costs of personnel onsite, making it a safer, more efficient mud logging solution. 

iLogger offers a full-range of mud logging services from a traditional mud logging substitute to a fully independent suite of surface logging capabilities. Services included and can be customized:

  • TGAS
  • Standards C1-C4 curves
  • Cuttings collection
  • Sample descriptions
  • High speed C1 – C5 GC
  • Isomer evaluation
  • Gas ratio well placement (steering)
  • Sweet spot and fluid contact indication
  • Wetness & balances characterization
  • Liquid C6 – C10 detection
  • Aromatic evaluation
  • Identify fracture zones (open vs. natural)
  • Hydrocarbon compartmentlizations

iLogger components deliver a fully customizable surface logging system that can captures and analyze data in real-time.

  • Auto Sample Catcher (ASC)
  • FID (Flame Ionized Detector)
  • Link Box
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Remote Blowback (RBB)
  • TGU (Total Gas Unit)