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Taz™ Unlimited Activation Sub

Circulating Subs for Oil and Gas

Unlike any other circulating sub on the market, the TAZ™ retains a non-restricted through bore during normal operations with unlimited activations as the TAZ Ball disappears.

When drilling a well, it is often necessary to pump large volumes of drilling fluid or LCM. To allow this capability, it is prudent to run a circulating sub in the BHA. Such subs usually need to be cycled open and closed a number of times. 

 The TAZ circulation sub remains dormant in the BHA until opened by dropping a TAZ activation ball, which then disappears completely. The resulting pressure drop allows the j-slot mechanism to engage, opening the ports to the annulus. The TFA of the nozzles within the ports can be selected to suit the application, with the percentage of diverted flow being a function of their size and the pressure drop below the tool.

circulating sub for oil and gas

The central feature of the TAZ system is that the ball ‘disappears’ upon activation, ensuring that a through bore clearance is maintained through the tool at all times. Closing the ports is achieved by pumping down an identical TAZ ball, which also ‘disappears’ upon de-activation, leaving the tool dormant and ready to be activated again in a truly endless cycle.