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Reservoir Group’s WedgeTailTM Roller Reamer improves drilling efficiency and enables longer runs.

The WedgeTail Roller Reamer is a superior drilling reamer used to provide enhanced run life with a unique and robust retention mechanism – resulting in improved reliability. It has proven success in significantly reducing the torque and vibration in the drill string compared to the fixed blade stabilizer.

The WedgeTail Roller Reamer is designed to perform in hostile environments such as high-temperature high pressure (HPHT). It’s high-temperature seals reduce frictional heat, extending the life of the seals. The engineered pressure equalization mechanism provides a continuous feed of lubricant from an enlarged grease cavity to the seals.

Built upon our patented TalocTM locking mechanism, the WedgeTail Roller Reamer utilizes two opposing tapered conical wedges, which focus the locking forces along the body of the tool. This allows a narrower pocket for increase flow-by area and creates much higher locking forces that ensure full roller retention. This innovative design facilitates safe cartridge replacement in a matter of minutes. The longitudinal locking mechanism also places less stress on the radial pocket design.

Download the full Wedgetail™ Roller Reamer datasheet.