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Reservoir Group’s Tidal Force Tool (TFT) is a multi-cycle flow diversion tool that enhances wellbore cleanout efficiency with increased annular velocities.

The Tidal Force Tool (TFT) is a proprietary flow-activation technology that diverts flow to the annulus isolating the motor below and can be used on coiled tubing or jointed pipe operations. The TFT can be configured for a wide range of flow rates. All fluid is passed thru the TFT to the BHA (bottom hole assembly) below. Once the flow rate is increased above the predetermined set rate all fluid is diverted to the annulus isolating the BHA below. Positive indication of tool cycling is noticeable at surface.

Its full flow-through technology diverts flow through the side ports of the tool – significantly improving hole cleaning and management of debris. The TFT is ideal for milling, cleanouts, and jetting applications. Its design enables superior performance with unlimited number of cycles and functioning the TFT is achieved by simply increasing or reducing the flow to the predetermined cycle rate. No drop balls or shut down of pumps are required.

Download the full Tidal Force Tool datasheet.