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Shield your core from costly jams with Reservoir Group’s Multi-Jam Shield™

Developed by our in-house engineering team and serviced by our industry-recognized technical experts, the Multi-Jam Shield enables continued coring after multiple core jams. Utilizing Reservoir Group’s proven On-IceTM technology, the Multi-Jam shield tool uses two telescopic shuttles allowing for mitigation of up to two jams during the core run before pulling out upon completion of the core. Multi-Jam Shield delivers in short or long barrel configurations and is a safe choice for all applications.

The Multi-Jam Shield tool is the latest addition to Reservoir Group’s jam mitigation suite of solutions. Our unique approach employs a two-tiered system using jam prevention and jam response solutions to reduce the high costs and downtime caused by core jams.

Download the full Multi-Jam Shiled™ datasheet.