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Reservoir Group’s Mini Logging Tool (MLT 300) has all the benefits of a production logging tool in a compact modular designed package.

The MLT300 provides correlated data on depth, pressure, RTD temperature, CCL and flow. It is engineered to be a modular tool consisting of three main modules which are
the platinum Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) module, the Casing Collar Locator (CCL) module and the Pressure/Flow module.

The unique dual platinum RTD module provides a fast response and a high resolution temperature profile along the wellbore. The electromagnetic CCL module measures depth
by sensing each casing/tubing collar joint and achieves this by measuring the change in electromagnetic field that occurs at each joint. The Pressure/Flow module is a dual purpose housing containing a calibrated Pressure Gauge and also accepts an externally mounted Fixed Caged Spinner (optional) or a Full Bore Spinner (optional). A calibrated pressure gauge (5 available pressure ranges) is inserted into the housing depending on the pressure range required for an application. The Fixed Cage or Full Bore Spinner can be attached for Flow measurement if required and depending on the application.

Download the full MLT 300 datasheet.