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Reservoir Group’s Micro Automatic gauge is fully automated and requires no operator input to acquire data.

The gauge is supplied in monitor mode, a non-recording mode, where it is checking pressure and temperature readings every two minutes. When a user programmed temperature or pressure threshold has been exceeded, the gauge automatically enters record mode and stores data to memory at a pre-set sample rate. At the end of a survey, the gauge stops recording automatically when pressure and temperature readings fall below the user-programmed threshold values. The gauge then reverts to monitor mode.

This low power gauge is designed for use on multiple runs using only a single AA size battery. A built in real-time clock ensures accurate data is stored with real-time values and the data from each survey is stored individually in its large memory for easy download and analysis. The Gauge is a compact 10.5” long and is available in 1.25” OD as standard or 1” OD for slim-hole and coiled tubing/small carrier applications.

Download the full Micro Automatic datasheet.