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Reservoir Group’s JRS4™ jam intervention tool increases core recovery.

Customer Challenge:
Polish operator ORLEN Upstream needed to cut ± 108 m of 4″ diameter core in an interbedded sandstone formation. This particular formation was prone to jamming in previous coring operations and because of its multiple formation interfaces, the risk of core jamming was elevated.

Based on past successful coring operations, ORLEN Upstream looked to Reservoir Group to recommend the most effective method to deliver high-quality core samples.

Reservoir Group Solution:
Due to our trusted partnership with ORLEN Upstream and our extensive coring experience in multiple formations, Reservoir Group worked together with the ORLEN Upstream to create a solution to mitigate the risk of core jams. We recommended a coring field trial test and execution of our JRS4TM intervention tool. With the industry’s smallest gap in coverage from catcher to shuttle, the JRS4 minimizes the exposure of the core.

Download the full JRS4™ success story.