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Reservoir Group’s JRS4™ Jam Recovery System saves operation costs by reducing unplanned trips due to core jamming.

Based on industry proven core barrel technology, the JRS4TM Jam Recovery System allows for the recovery and continuation of the core run after a jam event has occurred. JRS4 is built upon our ultra-stable CHD core barrel and Thin Sleeve System (TSSTM) Inner Barrel Platforms.

Through the retention of the TSS architecture, a thin-walled aluminum liner is housed inside a Steel Inner Barrel. Jam Recovery is provided by an inner telescoping shuttle that is activated and released during a core jam event, providing mechanical jam recovery capability.

The single telescopic shuttle within the JRS4 allows for a larger 4-inch diameter core and industry-best support. The annular space created in standard telescopic systems is minimized in JRS4, providing vital support to the core column while still offering the benefit of jam recovery.

The JRS4 is part of the Reservoir Group jam mitigation suite of solutions. Our unique approach employs a two-tiered system using jam prevention and jam response solutions to reduce the high cost and downtime caused by core jams.

Download the full JRS4™Jam Mitigation Suite datasheet.